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Gerald Norman Springer was born on February 19, 1944 in England to a set of Jewish refugee parents who fled Germany and immigrated to the U.S while Springer was a child. Springer attended schooling at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA earning a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science in 1965. He followed this by attending Northwestern University Law School in Chicago, IL where he earned a Juries Doctorate law degree. After graduating, Springer was employed as an aide to Robert F. Kennedy. When Kennedy was assassinated, Springer became a member of a Cincinnati law firm and was elected as a councilman in the 1970’s. A later scandal arose, accusing Springer of being a client to a prostitute, whom he paid a check to, leading to his capture. This illegal action obligated him to resign from his position in 1974. He later cleaned up his act and was reelected and served as the city’s mayor. Later, during the 1980’s, he turned his career around and began practicing journalism. Springer quickly became a popular newscaster and radio voice. Shortly after, he created and hosted a television show that would drastically change and influence media. The Jerry Springer Show was first unveiled in 1991 by Springer. It began as a news talk show that was politically oriented and conversed about topics that were current issues within society, such as healthcare and gun control. The show was similar to many other television shows and lacked variety and spunk. The show was competing with other daytime programs and received low ratings, impelling them to take a new direction in order to attract interest and capture further attention from new viewers. The show became more provocative and rebuilt itself upon a foundation providing it’s audience... ... middle of paper ... ...ger Show he accomplished his goal of raising his ratings by conforming to the fast pace, swiftly changing society we live in. Works Cited Dickson, Mary. "Trash TV? Jerry Springer and Howard Stern Light up the Ratings and Networks Rake in the Dough." Salt Lake City Weekly 29 May 1998. Print. "Jerry Springer Biography." TV Guide, TV Listings, Online Videos, Entertainment News and Celebrity News | Web. 07 Nov. 2010. . Kitman, Marvin. "Jerry Springer an Appalling Diversion - CNN." Featured Articles From The CNN. CNN, 29 June 1998. Web. 05 Nov. 2010. . Moore, Frazier. "Shame on You, Jerry, for `The Jerry Springer Show'" Buffalo News 26 Mar. 1998. Print.

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