Ted Bundy Personality

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Theodore Robert Cowell was a smart, attractive and driven man. He was born in a Vermont home for unwed mothers in 1956. His mothers name was Louise Cowell but he was mostly raised by his grandparents. Theodore’s Mother wed a man named Johnnie Bundy in 1951. He then decided to take his step fathers name and became known as Ted Bundy. However, his name isn’t the only thing that changed. A few years later he would be known as one of the most notorious killers and rapist in America (Ted Bundy Biography, page. xx, n.d.) Eleanor Cowell was twenty two when she had Ted and unmarried. At the time, this was looked upon in a very shameful manner especially since her parents were extremely religious. In order to hide the knowledge that Ted was born out of wedlock, he was raised as an adopted son of his grandparents and then was told that his mom was actually his sister. A few years later, Ted and his mother moved to Tacoma, Washington. That is when she met and later married Johnnie Bundy who became Ted’s step father. After the married they had several more children together. According to appearances, it was look as though Ted grew up in a content, good working class family (Ted Bundy - Biography on Bio, n.d., p. xx). At an early age, Ted began to present some unusual behavior. He started to become fascinated by knives at only the age of 3. He was described as shy but smart and he did well in school but he did not get along very well with his peers. Once a teenager, a darker side of him began to emerge. Ted enjoyed peering in people’s windows and thought nothing of stealing things (Ted Bundy - Biography on Bio, n.d., p. xx). Criminal Profile: Ted Bundy ... ... middle of paper ... ... a stolen car for having dimmed headlights, once arrested he was placed in a jail in Glenwood Springs. He escaped a second time from this jail. He got away this time and headed to Chicago, where he spent a little time and then made his new home in Tallahassee, Florida. He supported himself by stealing. Bundy began to commit more murders after two and a half years of none. By February 9, 1978, Bundy’s murdering spree was finally coming to an end. He committed his last known murder at this time. On February 15, he was arrested for driving a stolen car and rapidly became linked to many of his murders. In conclusion to Mr. Bundy’s history, he was sentenced to two death penalties. As time went on, he admitted to even more murders that he was not initially linked to. Bundy was executed on January 24, 1989 by the electric chair (Ted Bundy-Criminal Minds Wiki, n.d., p.xx).
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