Jeeves Takes Charge by PG Wodehouse

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P. G Wodehouse, author of “Jeeves Takes Charge” wrote a series of fiction short stories. “”Jeeves Takes Charge” is part of one of his most famous series “Jeeves and Wooster”. The short story was published in 1925, the 20th century in England. The story made up of different eras happening in England like the Edwardian Era and Women in England trying to get political power and social reform in the 20th century. Wodehouse characters are based on the actions that take place in England, he admires the Edwardian Era. He stays in the Edwardian England values and made references to the culture. The short story takes place in England around 1910 through 1920 it is mainly taken placed in Easeby at Bertie’s Uncle’s estate. Bertie is a rich young, spoiled man that lives off of his Uncle’s money and go out and get drunk with his friends every night and is controlled by his future wife Florence. Bertie gets a replacement butler names Jeeves who knows what is best for Bertie. Bertie tries his hardest not to end up like his friend and let his butler take control of him but in the end he fails, after Jeeves saves him many times and because he is smarter the Bertie, Bertie ends up letting Jeeves take control of him. P.G Wodehouse took in the eras that were going around in England when he was sent there and used them in his stories but tweaked them just a little. Wodehouse was born on October 15. 1881 in Hong Kong, where his father was stationed as a member of the British Civil Service. Wodehouse and his older brother were sent to England for school. In 1884 he attended Elizabeth College and Malvern House. When he turned 12 he went to Dulwich College which was the most important experience of education in his life (LaBlanca 166). Wodehouse alway... ... middle of paper ... ...e, he is wiser and smarter and very independent when it comes to his self. Those two characters can teach you a lot about life and how important it is to take help even if you don’t want it because you never know what disaster could have been around the corner waiting for you if you didn’t take it when it was giving. Works Cited Akers, Don. “Overview of ‘Jeeves Takes Charge’.” Short Stories for Students. Ed. Michael L. LaBlanca and Ira Mark Milne. Vol. 10. Detroit: Gale Group, 2000. Literature Resource Center. Web. 10. May. 2014 Damrosch, David. “P.G. Wodehouse.” The Oxford Encyclopedia of British Lierature.2006 Ed. Print. LaBlanc, Micheal L and Ira Mark Milne. Eds. “Jeeves Takes Charge” Short Stories for Students. Vol. 10. Detriot: Gale Group, 2000. 165-195. Gale Virtual Reference Library. Web. 24 Feb. 2014

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