Jazz And The Age Of The Jazz Age

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The Jazz Age For many years, African Americans were a part of the American culture. African Americans were not free until the end of the Civil war. The abolishment of slavery was settled in the United States after the north won the war. Therefore, African Americans dispersed all over the United States; however, many of them dispersed to New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz. Jazz is American music developed from ragtime and blues, created by rhythms and ensembles; followed by African traditions. Jazz not only gave its name to an era, but also it was a unifying social force and a powerful movement in the cultural identity of blacks and whites. Nevertheless, jazz was founded in New Orleans by African Americans and European immigrants. One…show more content…
New Orleans flourished with Creole traditions; creole is a person who is French and African American descent. Nonetheless, New Orleans revolutionized jazz music and its lifestyle. During the time period, New Orleans was a melting pot of races and religions; however, it united many European immigrants and blacks to create untraditional music. The society was chaotic, due to great change after the civil war, but the birth of jazz played a big role in shaping up America. New Orleans was different, it was not New York City. As author Peretti said, “New Orleans was probably more unlike New York than any other American city” (22). Peretti was right, New York City brought many opportunities to jazz artists, record companies, and listeners. Jazz gained much popularity after being introduced in New York City, because the invention of the radio broadcasting system. The indigenous form of art was everywhere in the United States during this time, such as concert halls, subway stations, college classrooms, and even in American language. New York City brought abroad the Harlem Renaissance, which flourished African American art and writing. For example, Langston Hughes wrote “The Weary Blues”, which was about ragtime artists becoming a huge influence on modern jazz. However, jazz has inspired many people to unite during the 1920’s, for example white jazz performers wanted to perform…show more content…
Jazz is a form of art that brought American’s together during turbulent times, for example, the youth effected society with their rebellious acts, the blacks had a voice in the world, and middle-class whites fought traditionalism. The world was being molded by jazz, the music created by African Americans, whom were former slaves. Jazz was such a compelling movement in the 1920’s, it was so compelling that it united an entire
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