Janos Neumann: The Life Of John Von Neumann

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Janos Neumann aka John Von Neumann, hailed from Budapest in Hungary, but circumstances led him and his family to flee the oppressive regimes in search of a safe haven. He was a child prodigy showing incredible feats of memory well before he began his formal education. In deference to his father’s poor opinion of the profitability of mathematics he added chemistry to his studies. By the time he was in his twenties he had made impacts in nearly every type of mathematics. Be it mathematics theories ranging from quantum of automata, of the more recognized fields of economics to the defense industry, his impact were nothing short of phenomenal. Working with established men of stature like David Hilbert, assisted by Hurt Goebel, he was able to solve enormously challenging tasks. His set theory work helped remove some of the issues plaguing that area of mathematics. Do not misunderstand me in some areas he laid the ground work that allowed others to make the final accomplishment. One example was Kurt Gödel’s working out the errors in Von Neumann’s work in improving th...

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