Jamestown Dbq Analysis

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The Jamestown DBQ
Elbert Hubbard once said “Truth is stronger than fiction”, the truth about Jamestown, It was fated to be unsuccessful. In 2014, 320,090,857 people lived in the United States; in 1607, a sum of 100 men from England occupied the same land. Aspiring to be the first permanent English settlement in The New World colonist filled three boats and set sail up the Chesapeake Bay and landed in Jamestown, Virginia. The settlers had a problematic start to their journey causing almost 805 of the population to die in the initial stages of Jamestown. So many people died in the early days of Jamestown colony because the settlers’ went ready for the challenges yet to come in the New World.
At the Jamestown site sources of clean water and food were hard to come …show more content…

A seventh month period of successful trading period past. Although, as winter approached the natives refused to continue trading with the settlers. The scarce supply of food along the James River that continued to be lessened by the cold season was not enough to feed both peoples. The settlers starved for weeks at a time, by December there was a 33% survival rate. The need for food caused the settlers to make a desperate plea by killing off and capturing the neighboring natives (Doc. E: Fausz, J. Frederick. Chronology of English Mortality in Virginia. 1990.) Over this period the native had killed seven colonists as a rebuttal to their harsh ways. Distressed colonists sent Francis West, a settler in Jamestown with some of his men to find and trade corn with a new native tribe up the Chesapeake Bay, but so desperate for food they unjustifiably sailed away back to England with the corn they collected after decapitating two natives (Doc. D: Hume, Ivor Noel. The Virginia Adventure, 1994.) This caused wars and a hostile relationship because of the response with violence to the lack of

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