James Bond, Die Another Day and Johnny English

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James Bond, Die Another Day and Johnny English

James Bond’s, Die Another Day is a spy film filled with action. James

Bond is the main character in the film who has a mission to discover

the connection between a North Korean terrorist and an adventurous

diamond broker. His character seems very clever and crafty. He is

always the hero that successfully completes each mission. He has the

gadgets, the fast car, women and of course a famous catchphrase which

is what makes up James Bond’s role. James Bond first originated in

novels written by Ian Fleming. He wrote many novels and in 1962 the

first James Bond film was created, based on the books. Die Another Day

was released as film in 2002. Johnny English has a comedy, spy genre.

Johnny English is the main character in this film, who is hired to

protect the crown jewels. When they are stolen he uncovers a plot to

replace the Queen with a French King. Johnny English’s character

thinks he is cool like James Bond, he also claims to be a babe magnet

but in fact he has very little experience. Johnny English was released

as a film in 2003.

In the car chase scene in James Bond, where villain, Zao and hero,

James Bond battle it out, they use various camera shots. These include

many Long shots to show both cars in action and Focus shots to focus

on the expressions on James Bonds and Zao’s faces. The timing of the

camera shots in this scene fit in with what is happening. For example

when James Bond’s car is flipped over the camera focuses on him

struggling to turn it back over but constantly shows Zao, who thinks

that he is about to win the fight, getting closer to defeating James

Bond. The s...

... middle of paper ... and had an

amazing effect towards the audience. I really enjoyed each of the

films and I feel that the reaction from the audience would be the same

as mine. Johnny English would have made them laugh and seems like more

of a family film but also has a lot of action used within the film.

The way that this film can make people laugh is because of Johnny

English’s character which is played by Rowan Atkinson. He tries to

complete his missions without messing up and he achieves this, but

with a little bit of trouble also. James Bond was an action packed

film that had the whole audience gripping on to their seats, waiting

for what’s going to happen next. It isn’t meant to be a comedy film

but has some scene that could make the audience laugh. It isn’t so

much as a family film but will get a huge response from the viewers.
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