Jake and Bella

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I opened my eyes and they focused on the strange ceiling above me, I felt the heat from Jake’s body next to mine and that’s when I remembered everything. That’s when I realized that I had no idea what time it was and I’m sure Alice had called my cell about three hundred times. I still had to fill her in on Edward being Jake’s ex’s baby daddy. Carefully I pulled myself out from under Jake’s arm; luckily it seemed he was a pretty heavy sleeper. I prayed that Billy hadn’t returned or my exit would be more than awkward. I grabbed my clothes off the floor throwing them on, knowing I looked like a disheveled mess. Once I was dressed I snuck out of the room looking for paper and a pen to write Jake a note. I found a pad of paper next to the telephone and began scribbling my note. ~Jake Went home. Call me when you wake up. Love, Bella. Sneaking back into Jake’s bedroom, I paused. I took in his sleeping form and realized how much I didn’t think I could live without him. Was it possible to only know someone for a short time but realize how important they are to you? I gently kissed Jake on the forehead before placing the note on the empty pillow next to him, taking one last glance I silently made my way out of the bedroom. I slipped on my shoes and grabbed my purse and headed out the front door, only to be greeted by Leah Clearwater who was wheeling Billy up the front walk. “Bella?” Her questioning tone caused my face to turn three different shades of red. Would she know? Would she figure it out? What kind of excuse could I make for coming out of Jake’s house? “Hi Leah.” Looking down at the sidewalk I scampered past both her and Billy, this was not how I wanted to meet Jake’s Father. Scurrying out of his house with the obvious po... ... middle of paper ... ...ing wrong?” I could feel the lump being to form in my throat. “Jake. Listen. Bella was in a car accident.. she’s at..” “What? Is she ok?” My voice was frantic and I was already slipping my shoes on. “Listen to me Jake. She’s unconscious but she’s stable. She’s at Forks Community Hospital.” I raced out of my room grabbing the keys to my dad’s truck, getting a questioning glace from both him and Leah. “Bella was in an accident..” I mumbled to them both making my way out the front door, almost forgetting Seth was still on the phone. “I’m on my way Seth, I’ll meet you there..” I was just about to snap my cell phone shut. “Jake!” Seth was screaming. “Edward is there.” Anger mixed with the worry that already filled my body, I didn’t even bother to ask why when I snapped my phone shut and climbed into my dad’s truck. I was going to make it to Forks in record time.

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