Jackie Robinson: Breaking The Color Barrier In Baseball

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309 words

Jackie Robinson Jackie Robinson is the man that broke the color barrier in baseball! He changed many things in his baseball career like breaking the segregation in baseball. He also did work outside of baseball like when he donated to NAACP. Even when he died he still lives with us in books, memory, and facts. Robinsons dream was achieved when Branch Rickey (president of the Brooklyn Dodgers) chose the young Jackie Robinson to be the first black to play baseball in the MLB for the Dodgers. At first Jackie was confused, scared, and excited but then Jackie thought “ This is revenge for all the times when racism has made it to making fun of African Americans.” So Jackie accepted the request and all of the questions. Robinson did not only

In this essay, the author

  • Describes jackie robinson as the man that broke the color barrier in baseball. he changed many things in his baseball career, like breaking the segregation, and donated to naacp. branch rickey chose jackie to be the first black to play baseball for the dodgers.
  • Explains that robinson helped stop segregation in everyday lives and helped lead the naacp through bad times. he also started a black owned bank called freedom bank.
  • Explains that when jackie robinson died, not all of him left. everyone in the world chose him for projects, read books, and read facts about him.
  • Opines that jackie robinson made a massive impact with his career, he achieved many things, including talking against segregation, and never gave up.
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