Jackie Robinsn: A man who Changed America

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Jackie Robinson made one of the most daring moves by playing Major

League baseball. The amount of pain and suffering this man went through was so harsh

that I don't know how he was able to play. Carl Erskine said,"Maybe I see Jackie

differently. You say he broke the color line. But I say he didn't break anything. Jackie

was a healer. He came to rectify a wrong, to heal a sore in America"(Dorinson back


Jackie was born January thirty-first 1919. Shortly after he was born, his father

deserted his family. Almost a year after that, Jackie's uncle came to visit and convinced

his family to move to California with him. The whole family moved out there with his

uncle. They moved to Pasadena,California.

The neighborhood they moved into was mostly a white neighborhood. The white

people did not want them in the neighborhood. They would criticize Jackie and his

family. When he was about eight years old, he had learned to stand up for himself and

answer back when the occasion demanded.

Jackie went to Muir Tech. High School. At high school is where he began to get

interested in sports. He competed in football, baseball, basketball, and track. He was a

good player in every sport. During high school, college recruiters failed to pay

attention to him. He didn't receive any scholorship, so he decided to go to Pasadena

Junior College.

Pasadena Junior College is where Jackie began to get noticed for his athletic

abilities. He set many records in track, baseball, and football. Babe Horrel wanted to

recruit Jackie from Pasadena Junior College. One of the best athletes on the West

Coast(Tygiel 27)

After two years at Pasadena Junior College, he transfered to UCLA. Jackie went

here so his brother, Frank would be able to attend most of the games. His brother never

did get to see a game because he died in a motocycle accident.

At UCLA, Jackie lettered in four sports in one year. He was the first player to do

that. He played track, baseball, basketball, and football. ...

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...id become friends with him. It was his teammate Peewee Reese. Reese was a white man

that played shortstop for the Dodgers. During one game, Jackie mad a diving catch to win

the game for the Dodgers. Jackie got hurt on the play. Reese goes over to second base to

make sure Jackie was alright. No one else came over to see if he was alright. It showed a

lot of courage for Reese to do that. Reese took a lot of crap for doing it but he didn't care.

Thus in eight years America's most prominent national sport moved from a

tradition of seventy years discrimination to almost complere intergration(Tygiel 156).

The big step of Jackie joining major league baseball changed everything in sports and

life. He was a civil rights leader just like Martin Luther King Jr. He made the big step to

show that it's not impossible to get things to be equal.We should all be very thankful for

what Jackie Robinson has done. He didn't give into fear and run away from the challenge

of breaking the color barrier. He took the challenge and conquered it. He changed the

history of baseball and the rest of life. He helped the blacks become equal to the white


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