JC Penny Business Analysis

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The store JC. Penney has been open since 1902 making it one of the oldest and largest retail chains. It currently employees over 1000 stores all across the United States, however it is expected to close 40 of its locations (Tracey Ryniec). JC. Penney caters many different departments including but not limited to hair salon services, photo studio, jewelry, home decor, clothing lines for all ages, appliances, and its newest addition Sephora. JC Penny has been remodeling some of its locations. The visual standards of the department have changed throughout the years by improving their store front layouts to make it more inviting for the customer. In the video Zacks by Terry Ruffolo, analyst Tracey Ryniec states that when Ron Johnson was hired in 2011 the consumer base dropped. Although Ron is no longer with the company it continues to feel the negative effects especially when the coupons were taken away, which customers …show more content…

It is correct that their success years ago was shopping by catalog, times have changed and so has the regular consumer. “An increase in productivity results in economic growth because a larger number of goods and services are produced by a given labor force (Pride/Hughes/Kapoor. 2015)” They will see the benefit of gearing their focus to their online store, there is an open possibility of hiring less staff in their retail location. The amount of productivity in the average level of output per worker per hour. With technology continuing to grow and becoming part of a persons life on how they communicate and shop, JC Penny should invest in their online store. In todays society, online shopping is becoming more relevant. By focusing on their online store, they will the opportunity to expand their targeted consumer. There is currently a gap between the online store and the retail location where the customer journey is not seemingly

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