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Izaya x reader ACT TWO: J'ai besoin de vous part 7 I DO NOT OWN DRRR! OR YOU I JUST OWN THE PLOT LINE AND MY READER'S LIVES AND ACTIONS <3. READ AND REVIEW PLEASE! Chapter list: http://xxblackbloodxx12.deviantart.com/journal/Izaya-X-reader-chapter-list-426812056 Today was an usually cold day and The Great Izaya Orihara was sicker than a dog and you had been running back and forth all morning doing nothing but catering to his every whim. "Can you make me something to eat?" he asked, sniffling. The poor thing was miserable and miserable didn't suit the cheerful troll that was Izaya Orihara" Izaya...?" you asked, knocking lightly on his door. When he didn't answer, you invited yourself in. You'd never been in the male's room before and it was surprisingly simple for such a complex man such as Izaya. "Awww he's asleep!" you thought to yourself. He looked like an angle, pale face and all! You softly sat on the bed, causing his head shoot up. "Gomen Orihara-kun, didn't mean to wake you but I brought you a bento and a painkiller" he smiled and took the hot bowl from you. He began to feed you the sushi causing you the blush. Izaya knew you were hungry and he couldn't bare you looking so tired and over worked. You were his human and you should always be full of food, well rested, and happier than a rags-to-riches princess in a mansion. "Now you feed me, Amay-chan." Izaya commanded and you obeyed him. You blushed as you fed him, Izaya could be so innocent sometimes! He knew you were tired and hungry so he let you eat some of his food. Even though he was the epitome of your miserable existence, he could be a real sweetheart sometimes, like when he bought you that dress you wanted and took you to a dessert shop. When ... ... middle of paper ... ...ok who actually sounds like they give a fuck about my abouts! Oh that's brand new! For two months you put me through hell! Well you know what I'm going to find Shizuo on my own and I don't need your help!" you yelled back. The male hissed loudly "If you even think about leaving me, I'll slice very pressure point in your body!" he said smirking. You growled, "I don't care anymore. Anything is better than being with you! You are the fucking epitome of my miserable life and then you walk around here like your so damn god who loves all his humans when in real life your just some want to be 25 year old man who claims to be 21 and stalks people until they call the cops on your sorry no good ass!" you said standing up, getting up into his face. The male was quiet for a bit opening his mouth to speak but you cute him off. I. Hate. You. Always have always will

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