It's Possible to Reverse Global Warming

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The Industrial Revolution began in the United States in the 1800s. During this time the demand for goods increased because of new transportation systems like the steam boat and locomotive, these inventions made it easier and cheaper to transport goods across land or water. Therefore, factory production increased to meet the country’s demand of many goods. This era marked the beginning of global warming because factories were powered by coal, and as a result increasing greenhouse gases. A greenhouse gas is “a gas such as carbon dioxide, ozone, or water vapor that contributes to the warming of the Earth’s atmosphere by reflecting radiation from the Earth’s surface” . “The naturally occurring greenhouse effect is necessary to provide a warm atmosphere conducive to life on Earth“, but because human activities increase the greenhouse gases the green house effect is badly increasing causing the temperatures to rise . Greenhouse effect is the “warming of the Earth’s surface as a result of atmospheric pollution by gases” . Because global warming today is not only caused by coal, but by oil , methane , and other greenhouse gases, consumers today should decrease the use of greenhouse emitting things and look for more efficient options in order to prevent and possibly reverse global warming. Global warming affects everything from the ocean, plants, and animals because of the increase in temperature. Navarrete 2 Global warming can be a great danger to the whole world because when the temperatures rise the polar ice caps can start to melt, marine life can be harmed, and plants can be disrupted in their growing seasons. In fact, global warming has already “caused the collapse and disintegration of nearly two-thirds of Antarctica's huge L... ... middle of paper ... ... warming? Cars and factories are major sources of greenhouse gas emissions that are heating up the planet. But what you eat may have even more of an impact.(ENVIRONMENT)." New York Times Upfront 142.8 (Jan 18, 2010): 6(6). Student Resource Center - Gold. Gale. RIO GRANDE HIGH SCHOOL. 21 May. 2010 <" target=_blank> "Greenhouse effect."World of Scientific Discovery. Kimberley A. McGrath and Bridget Travers. Online. Detroit: Thomson Gale, 2007. Student Resource Center - Gold. Gale. RIO GRANDE HIGH SCHOOL. 21 May. 2010 .
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