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According to Digory Kirk in the book The Last Battle by C. S. Lewis the new world he discovers is made sensible by Plato’s theory of The Forms and The Good. Lewis’ Aslan may symbolize The Good and throughout the last bit of the book it gives a good example of how Aslan (The Good) makes the center hold. The book makes great examples of the theory of innate ideas. Although C. S. Lewis elaborates well on Plato’s theory of The Forms and The Good, he definitely does stray from the railway and completely misses some points of Plato’s Theory completely.
The Good is the most important part of Plato’s theory. It is what holds the center, and it is what The Forms are completely reliant on. The Good is from which everything stems from, and in some sense it is a deity or a supreme being. In The Last Battle, Aslan can be seen as Lewis’ interpretation of The Good. Aslan is the foundation of sense and knowledge in the book. In fact Lewis’ makes sure throughout the end chapters of The Last Battle that the reader realizes the importance and supremacy of Aslan. Lewis points out that “You could see th...

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