Issues Concerning the Digital Divide

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Issues Concerning the Digital Divide


Just exactly what is “Digital Divide?” The digital divide refers to the fact that certain parts of the population have significantly better opportunities to benefit from the new economy than other parts of the population. When we discuss the usage of “computing devices”, the internet and the World Wide Web, we do not think about the individuals who lack any of these devices technology has provided the majority of population for everyday use. There is a considerable gap in the number of individuals able to access the internet and gather information, pay bills, socialize, conduct banking needs, and purchases. These are basic functions people use every day that others cannot.

In this report we will discover information that needs to be taken seriously if we are to render the gap of the “Digital Divide”. The fact that the information age is at it’s all time fastest in revolution terms is quite alarming. This report will show social, educational, and economical aspects concerning the digital divide. Technology has the means and the governments and local communities have access to provide all individuals with Information and communication technologies (ICT’s). Proficiency is not worthy here as we need to accomplish solutions that assist in diminishing the gap on the digital divide, providing policy initiatives in reducing structural inequalities.


Economy resources of our country play a major role in the number of individuals that are able to cross the digital divide. Those individuals who bring in less than $75,000.00 a year are less likely to engage in much social activity via cell phone or internet. (Murphy S. 2010). Those earning $75,000.00 a year and more have more prob...

... middle of paper ... the Three Stages. The economics of Digital Divide

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