Is competition good? Is there an alternative?

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Yes, it is to a certain extent. Competition is good for us as it challenges each individual. Without competition, there would be no standards and we would not know how to improve on areas we lack. In addition, we may not know where we stand, be it mentally, physically and academically. Different kinds of competition challenge us in different aspects and helps us to progress and move with times.

For example, a sports competition may challenge us mentally and physically. Reason being, a sport involves coordination of the mind and body. It also reveals out stamina in sports. After which, we might want to improve in a certain area in this sport. One sport, such as tennis, requires the player to not only move on the spot, but also use the arms to hit the ball. The hit that hits the ball has to be accurate and also to be able to score points. A simple example where competition challenges us academically and mentally would be in our exams, weekly tests or the word games found in the everyday newspaper. This helps us gauge how much we know about a certain topic or subject and can even be a motivation for some. Poor test or exam results would be a wake-up call for some as they would then realize their weaknesses and it will hit them that it is time to pull up their socks.

Competition in the working society is not only good but also very important. Without competition, industries and companies will not be able to grow and expand. However, if every company in a certain country refuses to compete, this might even affect that particular country’s economy. Looking at a large-scale effect, if all companies around the world have the same concept about not competing, the world would not “grow”, nor would it advance and progress. This is because the economy of a country would usually determine how a country’s business would expand or grow. As the economy involves money, the standard of living and the jobs we have will also be affected. If the economy does not grow, we might live in poor or not so good conditions. The number of jobs available would be limited and many would be jobless. Then again, this is a hypothetical situation. Moreover, with competition, people will work harder to compete for higher-paying positions. In order to compete for these positions, one may decide to learn a new skill to achieve one’s goal. This will benefit both the company and the i...

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...ere is no competition, our minds would remain idle. Competition also helps us to get back on our feet. There can be no failure without competition and not all failure is bad. Learning from failure and overcoming it also helps us with future hurdles in life. Although we might be setback by many obstacles on the way to achieving what we want, we should not brood over such minor matters. Instead, we should find out where we wrong and change for the better. We should not be stubborn and try to do things our way but search for alternative methods that will help us to obtain success. Competition may also do good for our character and personality. An over-confident person may keep doing things his or her way in hope of getting what they want. However, after experiencing many disappointing failures, this proud and narrow-minded person may be humbled in the process of attempting to reach his or her goal.

Still in search for alternatives for competition, I stand my ground in that there are no alternatives for competition. I strongly believe that it cannot be replaced and that being competitive is only part of character and how we think. Man cannot change what goes against our nature.

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