Is Utilitarianism Too High for Humanity

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578 words

Is utilitarianism too high for humanity? As humans we have made many choices in our lives, some are quick and easy while others are difficult and takes time. But did we ever wonder if our choices are right or wrong? What is morally right? According to utilitarianism's fundamental principle of morality, the right choice is always the one that maximizes utility, it is the one that brings the most happiness and the least suffering. On paper this looks very good and ideal, because let's face it pretty much everyone wants happiness since it brings them pleasure and no one wants to suffer. However despite that, there have been many objections to this theory, one of which says utilitarianism is too high for humanity in which I disagree, this essay will explain what the objection is, what Mill's response to it is and why Mill is ultimately right. In our lives, people have made many choices with ulterior motives. For example most people who have a part-time job does not necessarily like the job itself but rather they want money and to obtain that money they will do their jobs. One of the o...

In this essay, the author

  • Explains utilitarianism's fundamental principle of morality, which states that the right choice maximizes utility and brings the most happiness and least suffering.
  • Analyzes how utilitarianism doesn't care about the motive of the person, but rather the consequences of it.
  • Opines that mill's reply is effective — it doesn't matter whether the motive is good or bad, as long as the consequence is right. pinky poisoned his aunt to obtain her fortune faster, but it cured her instead.
  • Argues that utilitarianism is too demanding because we should maximize overall happiness regardless of our interests. they agree with mill's reply that our self interests should definitely weigh more than the happiness of a few people.
  • Opines that utilitarianism is flexible enough to allow both bad motives and self interests to take priority most of the time.
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