Is Mind Uploading Or Mind?

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What if there was a way to upload your brain to a computer and to control it from there. What if you can upload it to a computer substrate and then control a robot with it. Mind uploading is what this is talking about it, but it would be impossible to do it right now with the technology we have right now. With mind uploading being fully developed it could open so many opportunity such as having a prolonged life. There could even be a creation of a whole new virtual world from the creation of mind uploading. Summary Mind uploading or Mind transfer is the process of transferring a brain to a computer substrate, which can have a fully conscious brain and is capable of running a simulation model. Mind uploading has benefits of their own such as having a longer lifespan because the brain is no longer connected to the human body. It would even be possible for eliminating the chances of death once the brain has been transferred. A method for mind uploading would be to freeze the nervous system and also parts of the brain tissue. This would allow easier analyzation of the brains neurons. With the development of Whole brain emulation there could also lead to the development of more efficient and faster supercomputers and also the development of a virtual reality. Some of the technology needed to achieve this may be already under development and some are not even in existence. There have also been both philosophical and ethical issues of weather this should be done. Since testing is only done with animals there are some issues related with animal welfare. Analysis Mind transferring would only be achieved after the brain has been scanned and been fully mapped out. It states, “The simulated mind could be within a virtual reality or simulated ... ... middle of paper ... ... required to faithfully represent a functioning human mind (Mind uploading). ” Although this is an estimate of how much space is needed, it will actually vary since there are so many neurons in the brain. The same will go for on how powerful a supercomputer would need to be to mimic the whole brain. Conclusion Looking in the future, mind upload can only be possible if we developed the technology needed to do this. Not only do we need a supercomputer, we also need a big enough hard drive that can store the brain in. Mind uploading can open up a whole new opportunity in the world of science such as transferring it to a biological body and lead to a longer lifespan. However there would also be many testing before this is achieved, which would be testing on animals. Nerveless, there is decades ahead before any of these science fantasy is actually going to be a reality.
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