Is Internet Censorship Really a Good Idea?

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After the internet became available to the new generation, there came a great concern regarding its substantial and beneficial usage. As soon as internet became popular among the people, so is its being controversial. There had been lots of issues fought concerning the internet usage, especially the measure of what things are appropriate and inappropriate, what are those that can be accessed and what are those that cannot. As questions piled from one another, and issues are getting more and more pervasive, the government, alarmed by the threat internet and its technicalities, has made a protocol which was definitely good and particularly bad too. This protocol was the controversial term Internet Censorship.
The question that has been fought for the beginning of this new implementation, especially to those countries that relies heavily on internet access and commodities, is that: Is Internet Censorship really a good idea? Did it really provided changes and security on the people as they exposed themselves to the impending threats of internet surfing and other activities? How about the hampered freedom of expression? Did the benefits outweigh the risks in this particular situation? Was the government right in the first place when they had implemented this internet censorship? Too many questions one might think, but apparently, these are the truths about the internet censorship and its being the most controversial measure that the government had decided to counter and protect people from the harms of internet as the newest form of communication media (Zuchora-Walske, 2010, p. 2).
Internet censorship has taken many forms as the new generation progressed – being more techy and savvy than ever. From just the normal filtering of search s...

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...tion to progress and modernization. At the same time, many others has abused and use the advantage of this new innovation in an unpleasant way. We cannot prevent that from happening but we can do something about it. That is why, the government decided to implement and regulate the policies of internet censorship. Instead of being angry and indifferent to this new policy, we should be more open-minded and welcome the goodness and security that this particular policy provides us. The real truth is that internet censorship is more than what we have understood. It goes way beyond the boundaries of freedom and rights. It is a protector and safeguard that upholds the dignity and integrity of the state. It is up to the people to think and decide whether internet censorship is for our own good or not. It is for the behest of us just as what the government has said about it.

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