Is Google Making USupid? By Nicholas Carr

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In the passage “ Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by Nicholas Carr, Nicholas emulates the thesis stating that we as race are not capable of doing certain tasks from the past. Because of technology like Google, which pushes us to do it in easier ways in the present time. Accordingly, tasks like reading books to find information and to gain knowledge, is now seen to be near impossible because of the privilege that high technology is offering. Nicholas also shares a theory that, when we start doing new things, our brain changes and molds into a new shape where we can only portray those actions and tasks. For example, if we only use websites to find information for a project and never actually read, our brain will not be able to jump right back and go back to the roots of reading books and catalogs to obtain all that information. Originally, finding information and gaining knowledge by searching was seen to be amazing and satisfying, but now is seen to be much too easy to be proud of and shows laziness in the way we live now in society. Many signs show that Google is making us …show more content…

One really know and seen example of an element of style are Metaphors. A Metaphor is when a example is told to express the same objective. A really good example of a metaphor is when he says “ Once I was a scuba diver in the sea of words. Now I zip along the surface like a guy on a Jet Ski”(1,Carr). Using metaphors can express ideas and meanings much more clearer and easier for the reader to catch on and understand. Another element of style that Nicholas uses are symbols. A very obvious symbol that Nicholas uses is Technology. He makes technology seen as a evil being that is sucking and taking out the basics and fundamentals of being a human but also helping us in a way. Symbols can show the idea that he is thinking in his head and it is seen as a really big point when it is thought very

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