Iowa Wrestling - How Warriors Are Made

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It is the dusk of Autumn. Cold windchills rush in the farmlands, bringing about their bitter and unsaturated cast, a ghastly blue fading into blackness and wilting green, the predominant colors of the time. This is no sign of despair; it's rather welcoming for the people of Iowa. This is wrestling season. Iowa Wrestling, a documentary directed by Michael Smith and narrated by Dylan McDermott, is produced by ESPN. It was televised in 2003 on ESPN The Season, a series that reveals the rigidities, torments, and triumphs of the nation's highest demanding sport groups. The film primarily focuses on a story about the Hawkeye's Men of The Mat, an élite group of wrestlers from the University of Iowa. In the story, the team face multiple obstructions and challenges that continuously attempt to run them down their darkest fear: losing. As seen throughout the film, the team pushes beyond their physical and mental limits in order to avoid meeting that fear. By all means, how they train their minds and bodies are unthinkable. It is quite frightening. For the Hawkeyes, wrestling is not a sport, n...

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