Investigative Journalism Specialization Essay

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In summer 2008, the pictures of Naples’ trash crisis spread worldwide. At that time, I was working for six months on my thesis research, a journalistic investigation entitled “The Other Side of Ecomafia ”. It was my first experience as an investigative reporter, but I immediately realized that it would not be the last. Indeed, the problems my land was going through in those years awakened a passion for investigative journalism in me.
The thesis has been an exciting challenge. It gave me the opportunity to conduct an in-depth research over several months, gather and organize large amounts of material, and think about how to deliver a complex content to a wide audience. I focused on the most significant matters: the lawlessness in the “cycle of cement” and the illegal waste trafficking and disposal. I met witnesses and protagonists of ecomafia, and pored over trial documents, wiretapping records, and research. Step by step, I understood the underlying mechanisms of the whirlwind of billions that was choking Campania region under a thick layer of concrete. Eventually, by driving and wa...

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