Invention Of Invention

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The whole history of human development, in essence, is a glorious history of invention. All aspects of human are all related to the invention and creation, such as clothing, food, housing, transportation and communication. Compared with the past, these entire have a big difference due to the scientists invent. It can even be said that, without invention, there is no human civilization and high-tech era. The invention, as the essential symbol of human progress and development, is full of meaning. The invention also played and will continue to play a huge role in the history of human civilization simultaneous. The main role of engineers is to find questions and to solve it which may come up in people’s daily life. When engineers solve a problem…show more content…
If an invention cannot be used in people’s life which means no one wants to buy it and there is no market for this invention. People can say that this invention was a failure. In order to avoid the invention failure, firstly, investors should determine target customer before they design. When inventor wants to invent a new product, he or she must research to determine target customer due to different products have a different market. There are many kinds of people live in the world, such as male, female or farmers, workers or children, the old. During the research, what are farmers need in their life or goods production? What are females and children’s need and hope? Making a specific investigation, such as the needs of the disabled, the disable can be divided into blind, deaf, hand and foot disability and so on. When inventor determines the invention of the target, it should be small rather than be large. The markets can get the guarantee when inventor chose the proper target customers. Secondly, determining the new products function is important to occupy the market. People’s needs can be divided into eating, wearing, living, commuting. The inventor should pay attention to the specific and uniquely functional so that the invention can guarantee the novelty of the product and make it successful. Thomas Edison who we thought to be the greatest inventor had gotten 1,093 patents in his life. Some of his…show more content…
Firstly, the inventor can make product confidentiality before applying for the patent. For instance, when inventing new products, the number of inventors in one project team should be reduced to a minimum, and ask everyone to assume the confidentiality obligations. The name of this project can be code. Before applying for the patent, the project does not hold any form of a press conference, do not publish papers, will not hold appraisal meeting. The purpose is not to let others understand the development trends and intentions of the new invention and avoid competition to apply for a patent, resulting in the infringement. Secondly, inventors should do patent literature research in the beginning. Nowadays, with the development of the science and technology, the rapid patent literature grows quickly and the most of the patents are improve the invention. So the patent application and the implementation must be checked before applying for the patent to avoid falling into the intellectual property scope of protection. It is absolutely not to have fluke mind, such as the kind of innovation that has not been found or there will not have the same invention in existence. Edison had a legal struggle because of the filament incandescent light bulb patent. The invention of incandescent lamp
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