Rosa Parks, John Basilone And The Red Queen

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Mark Twain once said, “Courage is not the absence of fear; it is acting in spite of it.” Courage is the ability to stand up and do something that is frightening, and having strength in the face of grief or pain. Courage can be shown during great times of adversity or danger. Rosa Parks, John Basilone, and Mare Barrow, the main character from Victoria Aveyard’s series, The Red Queen, showed great courage and taught me several things. As many people abided by the rules, Rosa Parks stood against them. She worked hard for what she needed and fought hard for what was right. Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man on a bus. She stayed in her seat even though she could have been arrested. Parks’ courage and will to stay taught me that just because people are different races does not …show more content…

Basilone was the only enlisted Marine who received a Medal of Honor and The Navy Cross during World War II. Basilone fought across a battlefield to resupply the Marines with needed ammunition. This was courageous because he put his life on the line; he had to fight against the Japanese soldiers to give the American’s supplies. Basilone’s courageous act taught me that if someone helps others they will offer help back. Basilone’s selfless act was considered above and beyond, thus, he was given the Medal of Honor. Basilone moved a gun into position and held his line. The area Basilone positioned himself had been hit with a mortar and only had 2 active men. This shows courage because he put himself in an area with very little people and that was already destroyed to help his men. His actions taught me that being selfless is many times more helpful than being selfish. John Basilone’s selfless actions helped keep many of his men alive and gave him many achievements. Without his courage and risks many of the men there would not have

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  • Explains that courage is the ability to stand up and do something that is frightening and having strength in the face of grief or pain. rosa parks, john basilone, and mare barrow, the main character from victoria aveyard’s series, the red queen, showed great courage.
  • Opines that rosa parks' courage and will to stay taught them that standing up for a belief in what is right is better than silence.
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