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Interview Papers When I first remembered this assignment, I honestly didn’t think I would be able to get it done. Since my passion is film I didn’t expect to find anyone who was a famous filmmaker here in Utah and in the amount of time we were given. Unless I was desperate, I considered my other options and accepted the fact that Peter Jackson wasn’t going to sit down and let me both drool over and talk about his career. Although I wasn’t successful of interviewing two videographers, I was able to interview a media specialist, Chad Hamelstrand, that has worked on several video projects for the Morinda Inc.. I not only oogled at his equipment and amazing external hard drive, but I was interested on how he was able to work on so many projects at once. Being a videographer myself, I tend to get stressed when dealing with one project, because of the pressure of the college and my pride. But, Mr. Hamelstrand was able to take on at least 5 or 6 tasks at once, allowing me to see the way of an organized schedule. This was really amazing to watch because I want to be a director and by seeing the way he successfully worked on each project according to priority, importance, or quality of the work. It was interesting to interview him because his profession was not only film, but also photography and social media. He talked about how each skill complimented each other and how he was able to appreciate the media field so much more because of his diverse skills. I have done photography and graphic designing for personal use, but I never considered it a profession. Hearing his explanation about how much more impressive and effective is was to understand different elements of visual arts, media, and film, helped me reconsider my job options. Becom... ... middle of paper ... organized in stressful situations. These different moments in her life has helped her get into doterra where she started out as just a simple advisor and employee to an official and important staff member. Know her circumstances at home, I asked her about how taking care of her Brother’s children has either helped or burdened her lifestyle. Though Naomi has no children of her own, she has become extremely close to the two sons of her Brother. She explained that is was really hard to balance out who should take care of who and when and how it would fit in with everyone 's schedule, but, she said, “I wouldn’t change it.” I loved this because even though Naomi doesn’t have a family of her own and has the opportunity to focus on her life and job, she still helps at home especially when they are in need. It was really cool to learn from Naomi and I admire her skills.

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