Interval Scale And Ordinal Scale: Scales Of Measurement In Statistics

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An interval scale includes characteristic of an ordinal scale and nominal scale that is, category of individuals or responses belonging to sub categories have a common characteristic; sub categories are arranged in descending or ascending order, in addition, an interval scale places the individual or responses at equally spaced interval in relation to the spread of variables.

• The interval scale of measurement has the properties of identity, magnitude and an equal interval (Scales of Measurement in Statistics, n.d.)
• In interval scale of measurement the distances or interval between the categories are to be compared.
• Interval scale keeps the ranking order just as ordinal scale.
• The interval scales also shows the differences between
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Moreover it has a starting point fixed at zero. Therefore it is an absolute scale. The difference between different points or values, is always measured from a zero point. It reflects that the ratio scale can be used for mathematical operations.
• Ratio scale of measurement is almost same as interval scale.
• Ratio scale also includes a non arbitrary zero value in it to measure the variable.
• The ratio scale is the most precise and powerful of all the scales of measurement.
• It has the most meaningful zero point including all the properties of interval scale.
• One cannot have any negative value on this scale.
• The weight on an object can be an example of a ratio scale; each value has a unique meaning, weight can be ranked and ordered, units on the weight scale are equal to one another furthermore, the scale has a minimum value of zero because objects otherwise can be weightless but they cannot have negative weight.
• Hence, this scale satisfies all four properties of measurement scales, and these are:
Identity, magnitude, equal interval and a minimum value of zero.

(1) The person who is thirty years of age is twice as old as fifteen years
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(10) GPA.
(11) Mr. Shakeel invests 80000 in his business which is 2 time the amount of a person who invests 40000.
(12) Mr. Arif donates 30000 in a hospital per year which is 3 times the amount of a person who denotes 10000.
(13) Ms. Sara is 60 kg which is thrice the weight of Hira who is 20 Kg.
(14) Team A manages to get 3 scores in a match which is three times more of Team B who gets 1 score.
(15) Ms. Hina is 6 feet high which is 3 times the height of Ayesha who is 2 feet high.
(16) In a class of 30 boys are 15 with the equal ratio of the girls who are also 15 in number .
(17) Amna’s hair are12 inches long which are double the length of Sara who has 6 inches long hair.
(18) In a marathon race, girls are 20 while the boys are 2 times more with the number of 40.
(19) In a car parking area, green cars are 60, red cars are 30, the ratio of green cars is twice the red cars.
(20) A man earns 12000 per month and spends 6000, his salary is 2 times more than his expenditures.
(21) In a parking area 40 cars are allowed to be parked while there is a space of 20 motor bike. The car parking space is 2 time double the space of motor

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