International Criminal Court

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The International Criminal Court (ICC) is a relatively new organization; only just a decade old and it has seen a great deal of hardships and success. Since the creation of ICC it has seen a vast deal of criticisms that “[range] from concerns about racism and neocolonialism” and so forth. Not only has it encountered criticisms, but as well, people have questioned the usefulness of this organization? In truth, is it necessary to question the value, based on what little it has accomplished and in addition to, the amount of wealth it needs to stay buoyant? Concerning all of that, the ICC is nothing humanity has seen before; it has been described as “the most ambitious initiative in the history of modern international law.” The ICC was fashioned to handle judicial issues regarding government officials (however, it does not just include government officials but individual soldiers (though, persons under the age of eighteen are protected) and military leaders, and their superiors), unlike the International Court of Justice (ICJ; whose authority falls over states). Nevertheless, to comprehend the ICC, we are first going to look at the history (how it was created and why); secondly, why it is outside of the authority of the United Nations (UN); thirdly the accomplishments and failures. Lastly as a final point, the criticisms surrounding the ICC (reasons for such hatred towards it).
The idea of an international criminal court first arose after the atrocities of World War II. The beginning point for the formation of the International Criminal Court “is usually described as the Nuremburg and Tokyo Trials [that] followed World War II.” The United Nations first saw, the future of international justice when the draft of the statute was...

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