Intercultural Relationship Essay

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America is built on the principle of “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave”. That means, the United States of America is a country made up of different cultures and beliefs. We as a country accept all religions, cultures and backgrounds. It was Native Americans who first discovered this great land on which we enjoy our Freedom on every single day. Thanksgiving, an American holiday, was first brought about from the Pilgrims after their Harvest, to celebrate their accomplishment of discovering the “New World.” Some Native Americans were also in attendance for this great feast. Somewhere, over the years, the comradery among cultures, would slowly diminish between the Americans and immigrants coming into the country.
In a country that is made up
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The United States welcomes majority of all countries. In an intercultural relationship you can be exposed to millions of languages, food, and religion. Your partner, in turn will be exposed to the same aspects as well. A person can still be associated and a part of their culture and beliefs with being exposed to another. This reduces the prejudice and or bias of other cultures. Lastly, by example, teaching others around you that the relationship is like any other, with challenges but worth it. Being in an intercultural relationship, you will see the prejudice of other people who disapprove of your lifestyle. A person doesn’t even have to be in an intercultural relationship for the judgment of others. With this unique relationship, you can teach others that you have a normal standing relationship, but slightly different from the norm. You can teach people that by being in this relationship that different cultures can coexist into one…show more content…
Not everyone in this country views this relationship as acceptable. With any relationship, gay, straight, mixed race, people will pass some sort of judgment. You have to find it within yourself on whether to listen and acknowledge this judgement or let it slide off of your shoulders. In the end, your relationship is based off of you and your partner 's individual relationship.
Fourth, the minority community might shame the individual for dating outside of their culture. It is easy to pass prejudice against someone who goes against the “norm”. People might say, “Why did you feel the need to date outside of your culture, when you already have individuals here with the same beliefs that you do”. It is easy to be swayed to go into another direction then the one that you want to pursue.
Lastly, people may not be ready to learn all of what the other’s culture entails. A person should, of course, learn about the other’s lifestyle, then pass judgement on what they want to do from then on out. It may be difficult to sway a little bit away from your normal while exploring your partner’s way of life. It all depends on the individual
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