Essay On Severity Of Disability

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Severity of disability. The danger of disability is the fear of the problem they carry on. It has become a truism among rehabilitation professionals that there is not a one-to-one relationship between severity of disability and the intensity of reaction to it. (Vash 14.) One person can deal with the problem, while another is devastated by the loss. However, Varying degrees of severity creates different kinds of situations of disabled people. Robert suffers his loss on all his lifetime. He cannot see his wife and the physical world around him, but the has a gift of comprehensive knowledge of the invisible world. The unknown world where people have but seldom to explore, because they must deal with their physical meaning. Robert never shows his…show more content…
He does not experience the fear associate with the realization of total dependency on other matters for releasing the pressure of illness. Robert has many friends and seems he never feels lonely for the good. [add quotes.]
Why Robert does not use the cane and wear sunglasses? This idea bothers the narrator. He think that the blind should appear with that for purpose although he does not has any clues to acclaim that should be. He thinks Robert is abnormal toward his appearance and action. The prejudice on Robert and the lacking knowledge of the disability accidentally confuse him. Robert acts like a normal people. He appears as a visibility of disability. Physically his eyes tell that he is blind but his action is not. His disability seems to be forgotten in him. His bright mind opens the valuable affection on his interests
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This in turn influences the ways in which one reacts. The person who views disablement from God for past sins assuredly will feel differently about it than will a person who views it as a test or an opportunity for spiritual development. Robert is blind but his mind is brighter than the unnamed narrator is. When the game of describing the cathedral starts, the narrator is struggling to describe the look although he sees it. In contrast, Robert never knows how it looks like but he can draw it at least in his mind. The cathedral represents for the existence of God. Acknowledging a spiritual aspect of life and having a life philosophy into which disablement can be meaningfully integrated appear rather consistently to ameliorate destructive reaction to disability. Specific religious beliefs may or may not prove helpful. No cases are notified for the punishment from God to disability. A belief in God is not requisite if the experience can be imbued with meaning or purpose in other terms. Back to the story, the blind Robert does not show his in-confidence of the loss. And there is no proof to tell us he is suffering it for his sin. He looks like having strong connection to his spiritual invisible world behind the blind eyes, and he comes to narrator home likely as a God’s angel delivers the message or a warning. Besides the religious symbol of the cathedral, The message
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