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MYP2 Insulation One World Essay Lovisa Bjorn MYP2 According to the conversation with Graham and Alicia, they are picking out a way to insulate their home. They want to choose from triple glazing, cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, etc. Our class assignment was to help Graham and Alicia to pick the most suitable type of insulation for their home. I think personally think that they should not only be one type of insulation, but several different types, to make it more effective. For example, they could combine triple glazing, loft insulation, and cavity wall insulation together, because it is both helping the environment and not being pricey because Graham and Alicia won’t have to pay as much to heat their home. Even though I think that it would be better for Graham and Alicia to combine different types of insulation for their home, I believe this essay was focused on picking just one type of home insulation for the couple. So I did some research on different ways on insulating houses, and I believe that the most suitable way of insulating Graham and Alicia's house is by loft insulation. Loft insulation is when the loft, or attic is padded with a foam like insulating material, which traps heat from escaping through the loft. 25% of the heat loss comes from the loft, and with loft insulation it minimizes the amount of heat loss. Walls lose 10% more heat than lofts do but to insulate the walls, so it would be better to insulate, but it costs a lot more than triple glazing and cavity wall insulation, so it wouldn't be as suitable for Graham and Alicia according to the conversation that they had. Even though loft insulation is one of the best choices of insulating Grahams and Alicias home, there still are some fla... ... middle of paper ... insulates just 25%, but as I have said in the beginning of the essay, that it is good to combine different types of insulation, like triple glazing, but I’m guessing that Graham and Alicia only want to have one type of insulation. In conclusion, l believe that loft insulation is the most suitable type of insulation for their home. It traps heat from escaping by insulating the house by 25%, which is actually quite effective. Graham and Alicia should definitely get this type of insulation in their home, I would really recommend it. Loft insulation also is straightforward and doesn't take very much time, compared to cavity wall insulation, that you have to open up to insulate. Loft insulation also is useful because it lasts up to for 40 years, and it can help you save up to 175£ a year. I would absolutely recommend this to Graham and Alicia

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