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Stevie Ray Vaughan is one of the most influential electrical guitarists in music history. In his life time Vaughan was admired by already established and well regarded musicians, for his soulful energy and powerful style of guitar play. Eric Clapton stated in a 1996 interview that he was so taken back by Stevie Ray Vaughan talent that while he was driving his car he had to pull over and listen to him play. Further, stating that he was determined to meet him that very day and did. Unfortunately, at the height of his popularity his life was cut short by a tragic helicopter crash. After his death Stevie Ray Vaughan popularity, and influence in the music industry continued to grow with fans and musicians worldwide.
While Stevie Ray was establishing himself, in the late 70’s as a Blues guitar master his talent allowed him to transcend this genre bringing Blues music back into relevance in the American music scene. With his astonishingly accomplished guitar playing, Stevie Ray Vaughan ignited the blues revival of the '80s. (Erlewine 2014) Recreating a time in American music history that rivaled blues greatest blue musicians of the 1940’s and 50’s. Veteran blues artists Etta James, B.B. King and Buddy Guy directly attributed the mid-'80s revival of their previously ebbing careers to Stevie Ray. Stevie Ray played the guitar with the passion of Jimi Hendrix and Stevie often paid homage to his inspiration by recording covers of music legend Jimi Hendrix. Third Rock from the Sun and At the end of Stevie’s life the Hendrix song Voodoo Chile (Slight return) were signature songs that considered iconic to Stevie Ray Vaughan’s live music performance.
Vaughan was recognized as great talent by Rock n Roll musician’s as a teenager, by ...

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...ray, Willie Nelson, Jimmy Vaughan, Stevie Wonder, and at the Tribune to Stevie Ray Vaughan held at the Austin City limits venue where a who’s who of Rock and Roll, R&B, and Blues Hall of Famers gathered to play his music and reminisce . Stevie Ray Vaughan may be gone but his musical influence will always live all those he has and will inspires.

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