Compare And Contrast Walking Blues Vs Kentucky

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Walking Blues vs. Blue Moon of Kentucky As time progressed, music had to continue to evolve to keep up with the ever-changing styles. Blues slowly began to morph into Rock and Roll to engage people of a new era. While many changes occurred in creating Rock and Roll, it continued to carry undertones of the Blues. This can be heard while comparing Son House’s, “Walking Blues” and Elvis Presley’s, “Blue Moon of Kentucky.” These two songs show many similarities, while also having their own identities. There are two main similarities that can be heard while listening to “Walking Blues” and “Blue Moon of Kentucky.” The first is that they are both in 12 bar blues form. One characteristic of 12 bar blues is repeating the first line. Both songs incorporate this feature. In “Walking Blues” the first few lines are: Well I go up this morning, feeling ‘round for my shoes Know about that, I got the walkin’ blues I said I got up this morning, I was feeling ‘round for my shoes …show more content…

(Elvis Presley) The second characteristic of 12 bar blues, that both of these songs obtain is rhymed couplets. Song lyrics like chill and will, blues and shoes, and blue and you are all examples of this element in “Walking Blues”. Elvis also rhymes with words such as bright and tonight and high and bye. 12 bar blues is not the only similarity that this duo has, though. While listening to “Walking Blues” and “Blue Moon of Kentucky” similar instruments can be heard in the background. Both of these songs feature guitars. Son House, while singing, is playing his guitar with bent notes. He also used his notable slide technique to create a unique sound. In “Blue Moon of Kentucky” Presley featured Scotty Moore on the Electric Guitar and Bill Black on the Bass. The instrumentals in this song helped create an upbeat tempo that would lead to sucess. While there are many similarities there are also a number of

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