Innocent Imprisonment

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Did you know many people are wrongfully convicted every year? There are as many as 9,969 wrongful convictions every year. Some of them get a life sentence for saying the truth. Others accept their fate and admit to something they didn't do in order to get less time. Imagine being arrested one day and having no idea of what was happening. The first thing you would do is get a private lawyer, that is, if you can afford one which many people can't. This is actually a lot more common than you may think. Many people don't even notice the amount of innocent people serving time until it happens to them or someone they know. Of course, there are always some cases where only the defendant knows whether he is guilty or not. Although, it's not only about having an innocent person in jail, the fact that the person that actually did the crime is still free makes it even more of a problem. This has been happening for years, decades, and ever since our justice system was established. All of this time nothing has been done about it even though there are still many cases where people are set fre...
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