Injustice In Pico Iyer's Where Worlds Collide

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CULTURE How would one react if one saw injustice? However, that injustice was only towards one culture? If one is not a part of the attacked culture, one would not feel as strong about that occurrence as a person from that confronted heritage. Culture is race, religion, gender, or age; and because of one’s way of life, one would know and be more familiar with dissimilar things than another culture. In texts such as “Where Worlds Collide”, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, and Two Kinds, culture is shown to affect one’s view point of the world. In Pico Iyer’s personal essay, “Where Worlds Collide”, Iyer shows that people’s culture affects their decisions and emotions when they are in a culture completely different than theirs. “They see Koreans piling into the Taeguk Airport Shuttle and the Seoul Shuttle, which will take them to Koreatown without ever feeling they’ve left home” (Iyer 64). Even though the immigrants are in a new culture, they let things that reminded them of home influence their decisions in America. In addition, the visitors of America allow their culture to affect their emotions. “…the snack bar where a slice of pizza costs $3.19 (18 quetzals they think in horror or 35,000 dong)” (Iyer 64). When the immigrants arrive in America, they are shocked by the high prices for small things, like pizza. In their home country, snacks are usually lower in price.…show more content…
“Why don’t you like me the way I am? I am not a genius” (Tan 24). In the quote, Jing-Mei does not want to be a part of the strict, prodigious Chinese culture her mother wants her to be in. However, Jing-Mei eventually accepts her culture after the death of her mother. “I rubbed the old silk against me skin, and then wrapped them in tissue and decided to take home with me” (Tan 29). If Jing-Mei did not accept her culture, she would not have taken the Chinese silks with he at
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