Information Policy

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Policy refers to those plans, positions and guidelines of government which influence decisions by government, for example policies in support of sustainable economic development or policies to enhance access to government services by persons with disabilities. There are various types and forms of policy. Among the range of policy type are: broad policy which enunciates government-wide direction; more specific policy which may be developed for a particular sector or issue-area; operational policy which may guide decisions on programs, and project selection. With respect to the forms that government policy can take, it is reflected most typically in legislation, regulations, and programs.

According to Weingarten (1989) affirm that Information policy as ‘the set of all public laws, regulations, and policies that encourage, discourage, or regulate the creation, use, storage, and communication of information’. It shows that, policy have can influences other elements and those elements also can influenced the development of policy.

Based on the Weingarten definition it reveals that information policy can be found in any field as long it related with laws, and regulation of information use, storage and communication. While, on Jaeger (2007) article entitle Information policy, information access and democratic participation: The national and international implications of the Bush administration’s information politic, Information policy been defined as the combination of laws, regulations, rules, and guidelines that steer the creation, management, and use of information, greatly shapes the roles of information in society. Information policy includes a range of issues related to freedom of information, privacy, secrecy, security, i...

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... of public policy. A change in policy about information exchange on the Internet has effect well beyond just information policy, raising issues of technology, governance, commerce, and education, among others. As information policy establishes many of the practical parameters of the information society, the study of information policy has become essential to understanding the broad roles of information in contemporary society. The author also suggested that further study on information policy should be adapted and explore to more understand the linkage of information policy to information access. This is because the purpose and the goal of individual, organization, nation and international towards information used and access are the major influences of the reshaping of information policy in the nation, to reshaping the society behavior towards information seeking.
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