Infatuation Of Marriage In Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice

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Marriage is a beautiful bond, where two people who love each other unconditionally, promise to love and take care of one another for the rest of their lives. Through the experiences of Lydia and Wickham, Charlotte and Collins, and Elizabeth and Darcy. Jane Austen criticizes marriages based on Infatuation, convience and money and emphasizes that marriages can only be successful if they are founded on mutal love.

In the novel, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen criticizes marriages based on infatuation. Lydia is immature and foolish enough to confuse lust for love. On the other hand, Wickham 's character is very manipulative and scheming. Wickham 's past proves that because he had planned to run away with Darcy 's sister …show more content…

Since Wickham is not wealthy, he tries to take advantage of this situation. He agrees to marry Lydia as long as his debts are paid off and if he continues to receive money from Darcy. Just like Mr. And Mrs. Bennet 's marriage, their “passion” dies out very quickly. “His affection for her soon sank into indifference...hers lasted a little longer...” True love never dies. Lydia is too young to understand Wickham and his schemes because she is blinded by the infatuation she has for him. Their marriage is an example of an unsucessful marriage.

Jane Austen, also criticizes marriage based on convenience and money. She criticizes through the experiences of Charlotte and Collins. The characters Charlotte and Collins are “perfect” for each other, they are both fake, selfish and scheming. In the nineteenth century, “most” not all women had this mindset where they wanted to marry successful and rich men to secure their futures. Love meant nothing to these types of women. Materialistic things meant everything. Charlotte Lucas is a character that only got married to secure her future. “Miss Lucas perceived him from an upper window...and instantly set out to meet him accidentally in the lane” After Charlotte finds out collins had been …show more content…

She emphasizes that marriages can only be successful if they are founded on mutual love. Elizabeth and Darcy 's relationship is really different from all the others in the novel. Elizabeth does not care about him being super rich and he does not find her the most beautiful. At the beginning, he thinks she is “tolerable”. They do not like each other at the beginning, they argue a lot and are really sassy towards each other. They are the opposite of amiable. Their relationship is far beyond just physical attraction. Darcy secretly helps out with Lydia 's situation. He does not want Elizabeth to be hurt nor does he want her family to ruin their repuation. He helps Elizabeth and does not bring it up, let alone brag about it. Love is not boastful. This shows the reader how contrasting Darcy and Collins ' characters are. “Elizabeth 's heart did whisper, that he had done it for her...” She has a feeling that Darcy is the one who helped out but she is not one hundred percent sure. Elizabethis wistful about saying so many bad things about him and she regrets her little speech when she rejected him. Unlike every other character in this novel, Darcy and Elizabeth took things slowly. Darcy purposes to her after a long time, when he was sure about his feelings for her. Even when she rejects him once he did not ask her over and over again, unlike

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