Industrial Revolution Turning Point

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“Industrial revolution” is a very significant phrase in the history of the world. There have been many turning points that impact the world we live in today. The industrial revolution is definitely one of them events. When the revolution was taken place it’s a controversial one but major of the historians asserted that it broke out in Britain in the 1760s and was not fully ended until the 1850s. The revolution started in England, with a series of innovations to make labor more efficient and productive. In the new industrial cities, advances in technology and organization allowed the average worker to produce much more than ever before. That was a time when the British Industrial Revolution had taken place and a significant economic development …show more content…

That revolution does today what was supposed to be quite impossible yesterday. Steam power: It was a considered a huge source of energy that time explored by James Watt. Early mills had run successfully with this invention. Power Loom: it was first designed in 1784 which was made by Kay. The power loom increased the amount of production by a worker. Machine Tools: Boring machine, shaping machine, planning machine, milling machine etc was discovered to ascertain a large amount production. Transportation: the revolution has made our communication very fast. Telegraph, wireless, television, fax, mobile phone etc are the gift of modern technology. Radio, television, satellite give us news and views. Buses, motorcars, trains, aeroplane etc also play a vital role in the communication sight. By this, it is now possible to create a global market all over the world. Computer: There is no doubt that the invention of computer has brought about epoch making change in our everyday life. We can’t think our modern life without it. It helps us to make vast production and to create international network for borderless market. So the industrial revolution impacts our technological area

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