The Steam Engine And The Industrial Revolution

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Over the course of European history, Europe developed into a flourishing land based upon the efforts of various beneficial individuals known as the innovators. The innovators marked a major turning point that changed Europe’s livelihood by improving labor and created one of the most historic impacts known as the Industrial Revolution. This process of developing the economy occurred from 1760 to 1850.This time period improved lives of workers majorly on the farmers by making labor undemanding and facile by the different machineries that were invented. Workers were able to easily accomplish certain tasks faster using new inventions created in that time period that would have taken them a much longer time to complete before the beginning of the…show more content…
A brilliant innovator named James Watt created one of the most important technologies called the steam engine. The introduction of steam engines was very essential for the workers since productivity of labor became a lot quicker and it allowed innovators to create more inventions easily through steam. Steam engines were given many uses to different varieties of industries. People were able to transport things easily by the use of steam locomotives. “It prepared the way for the development of more sophisticated heat engines and for the large-scale generation of electricity, which together effectively displaced it from its supremacy in the 20th century”. (The Power behind the Industrial Revolution) So many inventions were created through the use of the steam engines. One of the most important inventions was the light bulbs. The invention of light bulbs made labor trouble-free and easier since workers can finally work safely at…show more content…
Europe became very wealthy after knowingly able to transport goods from different areas either inside or outside of the continent. To create fire, coal or wood is the most used fuel although oil was also used. The fire is created to make steam that causes the wheels to turn. “People were able to get around both land and water more quickly and more efficiently with steam railway locomotives and steam boats”. (The Steam Engine) Coal had different vast importance during the Industrial Revolution. Instead of using expensive fuel like the wood, coal was a cheaper alternative that worked as well or even better than any supplied fuel. Coal expanded Europe’s mining industry when individuals knew the importance of coal. It was able to power different technologies and machineries. Mining is very essential since a great amount of materials people uses are either made from minerals or relies on minerals for production of new inventions. England became the world’s largest coal producing country. This made the miner’s labor force a lot tougher since coal became so well-known and in order to find coal, miners have to dig deep into the
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