Incarceration Practices in the United States

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Crime rates are very high within America, and when you do the crime, you have to pay the crime. Many people are incarcerated due to the type of crimes they commit. When you’re incarcerated, you’re sent to prison. I always had somewhat of an idea how being imprisoned works but I wasn’t fully aware of how the routine worked, I just know the basic steps like committing a crime, getting caught, sent to jail, go to trial, then the judge sentenced you depending on how bad the crime was, I didn’t know anything else passed that. As a curious student of Kingsborough, I’ve pulled up a lot of researches that helped expand my knowledge of incarceration practices.

Almost every day there American citizens are often committing crimes. Crimes such as robbery, rape, murder, auto theft, gun crimes, aggravated assault. The highest crime of them all would have to be gun crimes which would sometimes result in murder. These types of crimes sometimes result in being put away in jail only if you have to serve a minimum amount of time. Criminal’s doing a maximum amount of time is sentenced to prison. The routine of how incarceration practices vary from prison to prison because every prison is different. Some are extremely strict to a T while others aren’t as strict.

What exactly is life like within prison? What exactly occurs? In an article I read titled “Prison-Building Boom”, the author David Masic gives an explanation how America is the most known country to have more people imprisoned than any other country. I’ve seen prison life portrayed on TV, but is TV really showing us the reality of what really goes on. I also heard many stories from friends that have been incarcerated before. Arriving at a prison, inmates ...

... middle of paper ... is it a place anyone would want to be. I do still wonder if it’s some type of service offered within prison system to help these inmates cope with the prison life, but I highly doubt it since prison is meant to be a punishment. Hopefully the citizens in America would attend school more than they attend prison.

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