In Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God?

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The novel Their Eyes Were Watching God follows a young woman named Janie living in the 1920’s. Written by Zora Neale Hurston, Janie’s character is mostly developed through her three marriages, to three very different guys, at three different times in her life. As Janie struggles to find a meaning of true love, as well as true love itself, we see her blossom in many different ways. The three men who are basis of this transformation are Logan Killicks, Joe Starks, and TeaCake. Each man has a specific effect on Janie, who is an African American women raised by her old school grandmother.

Janie’s first marriage to Logan Killicks begins to shape her as it is a rather complicated time. The marriage to Logan Killicks, who is substantially
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Janie seemed to appreciate small gestures from Joe and admire his every move, was this because he saved her from Logan or because she really loved him? Maybe the two put together was enough for Janie to at least feel loved, as she knew how terrible it was to be with Logan. She has a hard time excepting Joe’s flamboyant and jealousy. Janie has to wear a head rag to cover her hair for all the town people admired it. Joe was demanding, Janie didn’t have to work any longer but she had to be obedient to Joe. She tried to speak her opinion many times, but was shot down. Joe felt that giving Janie money and status was everything, “I built a whole town for us. But that ain 't good enough for you” Janie knowing not better, just yet, had agreed with him. The transformation of Janie in this relationship comes as Joe strikes her for preparing his dinner incorrectly and as he lays on his death bed she finally voices her thoughts freely “even now, you got to die with me being obedient, instead of just letting me love you”, Janie is finally realizing that loving someone cannot change who they are, she never had to accept that just because he was a provider for them. Joe’s definition of love grew so different from Janie’s , Janie comes to a conclusion that she wants acceptance and love, not money and the title…show more content…
In the process she meets Teacake, a man in his twenties. Teacake seems to bring out the youthfulness in Janie that she was never able to express with Logan Killicks. He shows her respect, something she never received from her last two marriages. Janie and Teacake were equal and even, a team, "Put dat two hundred back wid de rest, Janie. Mah dice. Ah no need no assistance tuh help me feed mah woman. From now on, you gointuh eat whutever mah money can buy uh and wear de same. When Ah ain’t got nothin’ you don’t git nothin’" (77) Janie never had this “luxury” before. Janie had a lot more money than Teacake, but knowing from Joe that love isn’t about money, she learns to live by Joe’s mean and protects his pride. With Teacake being young and Janie older and richer, the townsmen are spectacle the Teacake is around only for the money. Janie ignores the concerns because she knows she has to accept him the way he is in order to love him. No one had accepted Janie for that before. In this relationship Janie is ready to speak up, Teacake goes to a party without inviting her, Janie has no reserves on telling him she wants to be a part of everything he does. Janie is tired of being pushed to the side. Even when Teacakes young mind causes trouble, when he steals $200 from Janie, his honest and love is more important to
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