In Love With Love

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Love can be characterized as an intense feeling of affection towards another person that arises from a kinship, or recognition of attractive qualities in that person. Although love can be classified in different ways, the basic concept of love is any number of emotions related to a sense of strong affection and attachment towards a person. People sometimes confuse true love with infatuation; an intense desire for another person. In Twelfth Night, by William Shakespeare, Duke Orsino is not truly in love with Olivia, however he is in love with love itself. Orsino shows this superficial love through his speech, his intense emotions, and his incorrect thoughts about love.

A person can be said to love something if they value it greatly and are deeply committed to it. Love is caring about someone so deeply that your life would be very different with out them there and there would always be a little piece of yourself missing if they pass away or leave you. This is very different from infatuation, or limerence. Limerence can often be what is meant when one expresses having intense feelin...
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