In Favor of Drug Legalization

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The legalization of drugs has been an enormous issue in politics for an extremely long time. Many people believe that the legalization of drugs will allow the government to gain more control and therefore reducing crime on the streets. Another issue in this matter is that the government will be able to profit money off the drugs and be able to control prices and what age you will have to be to be able to buy the drug.

On the issue of less crime, with the government controlling drugs there will be fewer drug dealers on the streets, as there is no need for them. The ban on underage people using drugs will lessen the crimes by minors and by students in our schools. With the government regulating the drug, they can readily control how much is sold and how much is appropriate for consumption by the buyer.

In addition, the government could profit off the legalization of drugs. If the government were to legalize drugs, then they could choose the prices of the drugs and how much or if they want to place a tax on them. With the government doing this, people would be paying higher prices than what they currently pay from a dealer. This would, in turn, reduce the demand for the drug due to the high prices. The money that the government makes off the taxing and the pricing of the drugs could go to health care or to another good cause that support the citizens.

However, it seems we will never see the legalization of drugs. Many people go out and do things just because the authoritative figures say you shouldn't do them. In other words, certain people merely break the law not to experience the drug, but to be a rebel. The legalization of drugs would most likely cause the use of drugs to decline.
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