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Analysis paper 3: “In a Bamboo Grove” Multiple perspective of any kind requires a unique way of telling a story. Especially from individuals and different viewpoints on the same event. This story gives the audience seven narrators that tell each their side of the matter in the same event and all seem to contradict themselves. This is an interesting plot device from which inconsistent testimonies of the same experience can be shown and looked at. Which narrator is true, which narrator is telling a lie; it is curious to read the differences and some of the same “facts” reported by these witnesses? How can their stories are based on truth and where are the lies. Again, there is a wider range to these individual stories share. Namely who did it,…show more content…
Several testimonies are shown and tell their side of the story as they see it. One is a woodcutter that just wandered to where the body of the dead samurai is and he likely called the authorities. The next is a wandering cleric who noticed a well-armed man and a woman who would not show her face, both were on horseback. Then the testimony of a police officer that arrested a well-known bandit who is a suspect with the previous murder and abduction. The police officer notes that the bandit was well-armed and had a horse matching the description of the horse owned by the samurai victim, but, where is the samurai’s wife? The next testimonies are from the mother of the abducted wife who pleads for the authorities to find her missing daughter. Along the way the wife’s mother notes that her daughter is beautiful to be noticed, “Her complexion is a little on the dark side, and she has a mole by the outside corner of her left eye, but her face is a tiny, perfect oval (306). Also, that the daughter, Masago, is very bold for a woman her…show more content…
His name is Tajomaru, and he claims to have killed the samurai, named Kanazawa no Takehiro, but not the woman. His recounting of the events are something like this. He spots the woman on the road and decides he must have her. He decides to kill the man then and there. Tajomaru leads them to a trap where he knocks out the samurai and ties him up. He finds the wife, Masago, and leads her to her husband, she notices and pulls out a knife. He disarms her quickly enough and does the deed. Tajomaru starts to leave but the woman grabs him and declares either he or her husband should die today. So Tajomaru unties the samurai and they fight. Takehiro loses and is stabbed in his breast on the twenty-third thrust of Tajomaru sword. Then Tajomaru searches for the woman but she is gone, “I looked for her among the cedars, but the bamboo leaves on the ground showed no sigh she’d ever been there” (308-309). That is Tajomaru’s side of the story and he seems genuine in its

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