Improving Professional Development And Refining Practices

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After reading This We Believe, I have grown both as a teacher and individual. One of the vital components of effective teaching involves acquiring knowledge. Teachers as researchers is based on the process of knowledge through analysis. The process of acquiring knowledge is a problem solving approach that promotes promote professional development and refining practices. As mentioned in a previous module, I begin the reflection process at the end of the school year. Reflecting at the end of the year gives me an insight on ways to revise strategies, but I am realizing reflections should occur during the school year. To become more effective, there must be an ongoing reflection. I think waiting until the end of the year was a huge disservice to my students because it was too late to revise strategies. Naturally, it helps the upcoming students, but it also means students fell through the cracks. To become more effective, there must be an ongoing reflection. Since teaching involves long days and working beyond school hours, I need to set time aside to reflect on strategies, organization, and practices. Reflecting throughout the school year will make me responsible for improving my practice and to question the rationale behind the strategies used to ensure all strategies are effective. As a reflective teacher, it will also allow me to explore past lessons and management skills to seek solutions, asking am I teaching this lesson because it is more convenient for me or the children. Before reading This We Believe, I realized I became complacent and only revised as needed. I have realized even the perfect lesson needs revision as there is always a more effective way to reach students. It is easy to get caught up in the hectic... ... middle of paper ... ...e students are more engaged and I have to redirect fewer kids. Of course, the preparation for gallery walks and carousels may be a wearisome process, the benefits supersede the prep work. In fact, I have learned how to implement differentiation by using Aims Web this past school year. It took most of school year to master this concept because I was looking at it from a negative perspective of the workload and planning centers and support stations. Now I have a different outlook from reading This We Believe since I have reaped the benefits of planning a lesson centered on the direct instruction group that minimizes behavioral issues while students are actively participating in the activity. There will still be days I will struggle to implement Aims Web, but I now have a more optimistic perception where I can interpret this failure as it’s time for a new strategy.
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