Importance of the Theme of Conflict in the Play Romeo and Juliet

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Importance of the Theme of Conflict in the Play Romeo and Juliet

Conflict is used in all good dramas, for example the Mitchell family

and the Watts’ family feud in Eastenders, is a good example of a

popular soap with conflict used between the two families.

Dramatists and script-writers have conflicts in their dramas, because

it involves the audience by making it tense, this makes the audience

want to keep watching and to find out what happens.

Conflict is important in Romeo and Juliet because this is what the

story is mainly about; the two families constantly fighting and in

conflict. The rivalry between the Montagues and the Capulets is the

main theme of the story of Romeo and Juliet so this is important.

The main type of conflict that appear in the play Romeo and Juliet, is

the fighting and hatred between the Montague and the Capulet family.

There is internal and external conflict in Romeo and Juliet, internal,

being that Romeo loves Juliet but knows his family is opposed to it,

and external, being that Romeo kills Tybalt.

I am going to discuss conflict in the prologue, Act one, Scene one,

and also Act three, scene five.

A prologue is an introduction; it occurs at the beginning of a play,

its purpose is to give the audience an introduction to the play. It

sets the scene and gives the audience an idea of what is going on.

The idea of conflict occurs in the prologue; the conflicts which occur

are of the Montague and the Capulet families fighting, and the

constant hatred between Romeo’s parents and Juliet’s parents.

The language of conflict used in the prologue are words like ‘Mutiny’

and ‘Ancient Grudge’ These words and many others are all words which

are involved with conflict. These words are used to tell the audience

how much conflict there is in the play.

The sonnet is important because a sonnet always involves love, and

love is another main art of the play. The sonnet, like all other

sonnets, always has a quatrain, this is a group of four lines which
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