Importance Of The Hijab

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Why is the hijab culture used and cherished by many Muslims around the world? The hijab is important because of key characteristics like modesty, protection, religion, sacrifice, expressing one’s self and being different. Modesty, the most important thing about the hijab, is having Muslim women cover up and protect her body. Protection and religion tie in with modesty a lot more than the rest and both have essentially the same bases, with religion putting the hijab on is protection from harm such as assault (sexual and non-sexual) and harassment. Hijabis sacrifice a lot of things because they can't do things like non hijabis can do. They can’t go swimming, go to the beach, or be comfortable in the heat like a non-hijabi. Expressing one’s self and being different ties in together very well, because they have the same meaning in a way. Both are a way for a hijabi to be herself and to not be afraid of anything and to…show more content…
People fear what they don’t know and that is why problems like this happen. They are quick to hate, but hopefully, Muslim women can hold their head up and not let hate and discrimination get to them. That’s what makes someone a hero. Not their physical appearance but their thought process and how they can handle everything that is thrown at them. Not only are these women standing up for themselves but all those women who are scared to say anything fearing that she might get attacked, harassed, and sometimes even killed. That’s a hero, standing up for what you believe in and not letting anyone take your identity. All these obstacles may have brought me down every now and then but in the end, they make me stronger, wiser and not afraid to be me because that’s what’s beautiful about the world, the different faces, and cultures that are everywhere. Some people don’t understand that and by destroying this they are destroying what is truly beautiful about the world,
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