Importance Of Teaching Grammar

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I believe that grammar is intended to assist the person speaking or reading a set of text. Teaching grammar to students is important because without grammar, sentences and words themselves would not make sense when reading or speaking it. Grammar instruction can be insightful for students, who may be able to speak properly but cannot flow their writing well enough for their life without readable grammar. Grammar is important to living everyday life in modern day American culture. It should be taught in a safe environment where students are comfortable to learn. Grammar should be taught in an enthusiastic manner. Grammar can be considered “dry” by students unless the instructor makes students interested to the best of their abilities. This…show more content…
But he really leaves an instructor’s approach up to each instructor. As teachers, we have to find out what works best for our students. There is no clear answer on how to teach grammar. Grammar in context is an entire idea or concept, not just chunks/bits and pieces. When I begin working in a classroom, I will analyze each student and cater to their abilities. Each class is different, and on another level each students is different and comes from a different background, “Research cannot identify one single approach to writing instruction that will be effective with every learner because of the diverse backgrounds and learning styles of students who respond differently to various approaches” (Benjamin, 1). It is important that instructors need to make things fun for students. The classroom should be serious but comfortable and relaxed. I plan to use fun scaffolding and rhetorical parsing activities in my classroom one day because I have found those fun in our class this…show more content…
If I felt that they were struggling with their writing, I would be a little more lenient with my comments and help them with overlying concepts. If they had good writing, I was a little stricter on their grammar mechanics and commented a bit more on the little things contrary to those who were a lower level. I also took into account my philosophy and how I wanted to have constructive criticism within my comments. As mentioned, I will focus on student strengths and weaknesses. Constructive criticism can be hard to find in some student writing, but as an instructor, I will always give students constructive criticism no matter the quality of writing. In our course this semester, the samples got easier to give criticism to as the writing got better. My approach to editing and commenting on student work will vary based on the group of student writing I am reading. This is a part of adjusting as an educator. Students should be able to know grammar well enough to teach it to another as that is a test of proficiency, comprehension, and true understanding. The end goal of grammar instruction is lifelong grammar proficiency and understanding. As an English Instructor, there is a lot to keep in mind in terms of keeping grammar in context. Students should have big takeaways they keep for life from grammar class as writing is essential to everyday life as an adult. And finally, It should
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