The Importance Of Teaching Grammar

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There is no question of whether or not grammar should be taught because it is detrimental when learning a language. However, there are ways that grammar can be taught and utilized more easily than others. Providing students with an explanation, clear use of the specific aspect of grammar, and ways to practice, grammar can be digested much more easily. It is important that students understand why they are studying something and what importance it holds. As a student and as a teacher I understand that it is easy to be overwhelmed. A human being can only take in so much information in one sitting; this is key information to know especially when teaching grammar because it can be very intense to some.
Practice and application are important when
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Languages may change and develop and with language grammar does too. I am aware that no one can completely know grammar, but I would like to know I want to be able to motivate my students to learn more on their own and ask questions. George Yule explains ‘good English’ in his book Explaining English Grammar (2014), “There will be observations on what sounds typical (in a context), what is more formal, more stuffy, more casual, or more frequent, but we will avoid the issue of what is better” (Yule, 2014, p.3). I support Yule’s statement because English is always changing and is imperfect. When teaching grammar I want my students to know that it is not perfect, but that there are different settings where a different language may be more appropriately applied.
There is a certain level of humility involved in teaching and being a student. Providing students with the confidence to ask questions is important. This means making sure the appropriate tone is taken when presenting fact and answering questions. Teaching grammar only works if there is open communication between teacher and student. There will be questions because grammar and language can be messy. It is important for teacher to remember that there is no correct way to teach grammar and students should know that there it is okay to let the teacher know when they do not understand
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If a student writes with an accent, they will speak with an accent. Much of language acquisition and learning new grammar relies heavily on the learner’s age and ability. Age affects how many students are able to absorb of a language. The amount of outside factors that determine ways that we learn languages are insurmountable. Those students that have reached what Brown would describe as the critical period are adults that have lost their ability to acquire such speech and writing techniques in new languages. This can be difficult to accept, but it is best that teachers and students should both set realistic goals and expectations for classes that exist to teach foreign languages. Students learning in ESOL classrooms at an American university should not be afraid to ask questions or seek
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