Symbolism In The Lottery

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Symbolism is the use of symbols to represent ideas or qualities. Many things can be used as symbolism such as colors, symbols, and objects. Symbolism is used to give another meaning to a character, word, or object and give a deeper meaning to something. The color black is often symbolized as evil or death, while the color white is categorized as life and innocence. The Christian cross can also symbolize many things such as hope, faith, and forgiveness. Objects may also symbolize things such as a chain; it can mean union but can also mean isolation. These are just a few examples of symbolism there is a manifold of things that can have a dual meaning and you don’t know it. In a small village on June 27 there is an annual lottery. It is an even…show more content…
In the story the children are participating in this awful tradition of stoning. In an article by Shmoop University it states that “kids are being taught to kill” these kids don’t know any better and have no authority into questioning whether this is the correct thing to do. This has been passed down from generation to generation because “at the first lottery that the children attend from then on they are trained in the barbaric ritual” (as quoted by Cassel) the children don’t have a choice but to participate in it and please the village and those who have been doing it for years and…show more content…
Jackson never intended for the reader to know exactly what she meant when she decided to use names that coincided with the message she was trying to portray. Myself as a reader did not notice the coincidence with the names and objects to what was going on in the short story. After reading “The Lottery” multiple of times I, as a reader, caught on. Through research I was able to read between Jackson’s lines and comprehend with why she used specific names and objects. A number of symbolic connotations were found in “The Lottery.” Mrs. Delacroix, Mr. Summers, Mr. Graves, the black box, etc. all had their own way of symbolizing something different making the story contain more irony and
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