Importance Of Referral Dentists

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Getting referral dentists is one aspect of the equation, but that is not all of it. Once you have them, you have to work to keep them. Not just to keep the people being referred to you, but you need to work to keep that dentist as someone who continues to refer to you for the long haul. Once you get that first referral from a dentist, you have to recognize that this is just the beginning of the relationship. Like all relationships that are good, you will have to work at keeping that relationship good, too. It is important to keep in mind that referring dentists can decide to stop referring their patients to you at any time. It might be either an abrupt or gradual change, but they could start sending their patients elsewhere whenever they choose. Every time they send you a referral, they have made the conscious decision to do so because they feel you are the right fit for their patient. Therefore, every time they sent you a referral, you should show gratitude that they chose you—whether it 's their first referral or they 've been sending referrals for year. You express that gratitude by thanking them each and every time they send you a referral. I have talked to numerous doctors in my consulting experience who let the dentist know they appreciated that first referral, but then moved…show more content…
Many orthodontists I’ve worked with launch their practice and then immediately forget about the dentists in their area. When you do that, you are passing up a goldmine for helping your practice. Dentists are usually the first stop for people who will need your services. You want to be the first orthodontist they think of when they have a patient who needs a referral. But you can’t become that referral source without putting in some effort and making a name for yourself with each of them. It’s well worth the effort to do so and essential to having a successful referral system for your

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